Checkmate - How it Works

This is a well oiled machine. Let's break down the engineering.

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Written by
The Checkmate Team
Published on
August 19, 2022

How it Works (If you have 30 seconds)

1 - Install the extension

The free Checkmate extension grants you access to all the best savings on the internet (seriously).

2 - Get all the best deals

By combining deals from every corner of the internet, your inbox, and even discounted gift cards, you’ll save 82% more shopping with us over other savings sites like Honey and Ibotta.

3 - Track your savings (and purchases)

Sick of searching your emails to track packages? Us too. Visit your Checkmate dashboard to track all your recent purchases— including details on your savings, delivery ETAs and more.

How it Works (If you have 2 minutes)