Mobile shopping (But actually good)

Checkmate upgrades how you shop on your phone, in a big way.

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The Checkmate Team
Published on
July 6, 2022

The best part about shopping on your phone is that it can be done from anywhere. In a waiting room, on the train, or even with one eye cracked open when you can’t sleep.

The problem with online shopping is that the experience is often terrible: Clunky web pages that weren’t made for your phone, endless errors when you try to checkout…and don’t even try to apply those coupons buried in your inbox. By the time you actually find the right code, chances are your shopping cart will have timed out.

We created Checkmate for a number of reasons, but one of our biggest goals was to improve your mobile shopping experience.

Whether you’re using our Mobile Extension, or you’ve downloaded the Checkmate app (both free), our platform makes it easy to get the best deals (and have the best experience) while shopping on your phone.

Here are a few of the things we do differently:

All your coupons in one place

No more searching your inbox or wallet, and definitely no copying and pasting sketchy codes from coupon sites. We manage all of your savings in one place, by connecting to your inbox and scanning the web for working codes. If there’s a legitimate deal to be had, you can be sure we’ll find it and apply it to your shopping cart.

Package tracking

Who said predictability is a bad thing? Never waste another minute wondering when your packages are arriving. We sync up with local couriers to get all the details on when and where you can expect your purchases to arrive.

Personalized discovery

The best browsing experience, based on your favorite stores and wishlist items. Nevermind signing up for spammy newsletters from your top vendors: We’ll display the latest and greatest from your go-to shops right on your Checkmate home screen.

Personalized discovery

Found something you love? Easily save it and come back for it later with our in-app wishlist. Curate styles to help you plan your next big event or create customized lists to coordinate with friends.

Checkmate benefits

Shopping with us will get you some perks, no doubt about it: Like member-only gift cards and personalized codes for your favorite stores.

We’re re-imagining online shopping. Ready to join us?