Safari Mobile Extensions: What They Are & How They’re Changing Online Shopping

Finally - get the savings while shopping on your phone!

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Written by
The Checkmate Team
Published on
August 18, 2022

For iPhone and iPad users, online shopping just got a whole lot better. The reason? With the latest major iOS update (15), you can now access a whole slew of Safari mobile extensions. So what exactly are these extensions and how is ours improving online shopping once and for all?

Keep reading to find out.

What’s a Safari Mobile Extension

You can think of Safari mobile extensions as downloadable online assistants. They aim to improve your overall Safari browser experience— whether it's by delivering better search results with Amplosion, auto-completing cookie permissions with Super Agent, or in the case of Checkmate Safari Mobile Extension, making your online shopping experience the smoothest it's ever been.

The best part? Unlike many mobile extensions in the App Store, ours is completely free.

How Checkmate Safari Extension Saves You Time (And Money)

The Checkmate Safari Mobile Extension is just one more product we’re offering to help online shoppers save time and money. After downloading this browser extension, you’ll have fast access to all of our member-only tools, including:

Auto-apply at Checkout

Shop with us and you’ll never have to hunt for another coupon again. Whether it’s finding the best deals online, or from your inbox, our proprietary software does all the legwork so you don’t have to.

By scanning the internet for the best publicly available coupons, plus locating all the deals hiding in your inbox, we auto-apply all of these savings to your cart at checkout—so that you get the best possible deal everytime.

Gift-card notification

Have a gift card from last Christmas that you still haven’t used (and may have even forgotten about)? Our Safari Mobile Extension will alert you at checkout to any outstanding balances on gift cards saved in your Checkmate Wallet.

Customizable wishlist

If you’re anything like us, your wishlist is a mile long. Thanks to our fully customizable wishlist, you can forget all about taking screenshots, saving links, or however else you like to share and save your must-haves. Our members-only wishlist allows you to save everything and anything you’re gearing up to buy, and even to share them with friends.

Seamless integration

Whether you’re shopping on your phone, laptop, or even a tablet, our Safari extension and mobile app sync seamlessly between all your favorite devices. Browse your online wishlist from Safari, then pick right back up where you left off by opening the mobile app.

Seamless integration between all things mobile and web is just one more way we’re working to make online shopping easier— and a whole lot more fun.