Save during the holiday

How to save the most when it matters!

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Written by
The Checkmate Team
Published on
July 3, 2022

With just a few months to go, the Holiday period is quickly approaching. With additional discount days on the calendar such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday it pays to keep up with saving trends.

At Checkmate we are here to help your holiday shopping go a bit further. We have built a neat couponing extension that securely connects to your email inbox to ensure those holiday saves and discount codes don’t get forgotten about.

Checkmate's Extension is your savings Elf this holiday season, applying coupons right at checkout for your favorite brands. We have run the numbers and have been saving our users an average of 27% when coupons are available. That works out to be about $31 that you can save and buy that extra little something.

We understand that unlike Santa those packages you order from different sites don’t always arrive on the same day or via the same delivery company. That is why Checkmate has built a parcel tracking dashboard to help track all those online orders arriving from different brands in one convenient location! Now you make sure no surprise gifts don’t get spoiled.

If you don’t know what to get your loved ones for the holidays, gift cards are always a good idea. If you are worried they forget about using the gift card as the excitement of the holidays dies down, we’ve got your back. Via your Checkmate Account you can securely store your gift cards and then when you shop the Checkmate extension will remind you to use your gift card. No more wasting those gift cards from the holidays!

Save more this Holiday season with Checkmate!