What is Checkmate Benefits?

How to save the most when it matters!

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The Checkmate Team
Published on
July 5, 2022

Finding repeat customers just got a whole lot easier, and it doesn’t involve any extra work on your part. By leveraging the power of the Checkmate online shopping platform & mobile app—you can get your products in front of the right people, at the right time.

Our brand partners

Whether you’re selling custom-fit jeans, a better smile, or the future of sunglasses, our platform excels at putting the right products in front of your audience, all packaged into a seamlessly organic shopping experience.

How we do it

Unlike other couponing sites, Checkmate is providing a more wholesome shopping experience. Our app and Chrome extension makes it possible for users to create custom wishlists, share and save their coupons, and upload gift cards for later use.

While finding the best deals is one of our core offerings (we save our users almost twice as much as popular savings sites like Honey and Rakuten), we know that a holistic shopping experience means doing a whole lot more. That’s why we also offer a few extra perks like aggregated in-app package tracking, saving items for future purchase and even a personal shopping discovery platform.

Thanks to an in-depth onboarding process, we know the full picture on what our customers want (and buy) from the moment they sign up: We’ve got the names of their favorite brands, historical purchase history, what items they’re gearing up to buy, and which gift cards they’re most excited about.

Translation? We may know more about your audience than you do. But we also know how to leverage that knowledge for the benefit of your brand.

Join the shopping revolution

Are you ready to increase your customer base? Send an email to support@joincheckmate.com to get on our list and become one of our premiere brand partners.