What is the Checkmate browser extension?

Checkmate is a revolutionary savings tool that’s making it easy for you to get the best deals on all your online purchases.

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Written by
Larissa Runkle
Published on
July 1, 2022

Checkmate is a revolutionary savings tool that’s making it easy for you to get the best deals on all your online purchases. By combining the powers of the Checkmate Chrome extension and your Checkmate Wallet, we save you nearly twice as much as other shopping extensions.

So how does it work?

Checkmate works by combining the powers of personalized coupons, giftcards, and online coupons to automatically apply all the best savings to your cart at checkout. The best part? Your savings with Checkmate is instant. There’s no waiting to “cash out” points, and there’s no more searching your inbox (or the internet) for coupons. We do all of that for you.

Whenever you’re ready to checkout, our Chrome extension does four things:

1. Search your Checkmate Account for any saved gift cards

These are all those old (but still very valuable) gift cards collecting dust in your wallet. Simply upload them into your Checkmate Account and we’ll make sure you put them to good use.

2. Find any applicable savings that’s publicly-available on the internet

Although online couponing isn’t what it used to be, there are still a few great deals to be found on the internet. But we don’t expect you to go looking for them. Instead, we’ll find all the best deals for you and then automatically apply them to your cart.

3. Scan our database of proprietary member-only discounts

That’s right, Checkmate members are also eligible for our exclusive member-only discounts. If we have a coupon or gift card that makes sense for your purchases, we’ll let you know.

4. Source applicable coupons from your inbox

Last but certainly not least, we check your inbox for any personalized coupons you might have forgotten about. And we do all of this with your privacy as a top priority.

With all of these powers combined, we’re able to offer you 27% savings on average — making Checkmate the best online savings tools out there.

Why Checkmate?

We started Checkmate with one goal in mind: To create a seamless online shopping experience for the brands you love while saving you the most money. As three frugal guys living in an expensive city (San Francisco), we wanted to build something that would actually save people a significant amount of money at the places they care about — not just pocket change that comes in a small check every few months for brands they never shop at.

We also wanted to build something that was easy and fun to use at the time you were ready to shop. That’s why we created a Chrome extension that incorporates four unique ways to save at checkout, and a completely personalized shopping experience via the Checkmate Dashboard. We’ll make recommendations based on the stores you like so that you can always find great deals on the things you actually want to buy. We’ve also partnered with thousands of major brands and online stores, which means you’ll always have plenty of choice when you shop with us.

More than online savings - Personalized shopping and parcel tracking

Online shopping doesn’t stop at checkout, and neither do we. In order to give you the best possible shopping experience, we knew it would take more than just some fancy savings tool. That’s why our platform also offers the most accurate, up-to-date tracking details on all your purchases. Say goodbye to endless inbox scrolling, and hello to Checkmate. We think you’re gonna like us.

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