Which is the best shopping discount browser extension?

There’s no shortage of shopping discount browser extensions out there.

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Written by
Larissa Runkle
Published on
July 2, 2022

There’s no shortage of shopping discount browser extensions out there. And if you’re a thrifty shopper, chances are you’ve tried at least a few of them already. But unlike other discount extensions, Checkmate isn’t just pulling deals from the internet or sending you tiny cashback checks in the mail.

We’re doing so much more. By combining the powers of hard-to-find online deals, the coupons in your inbox, and our proprietary discount gift cards— we’re saving you nearly twice as much as extensions like Honey and Rakuten.

In fact, by downloading the Checkmate extension for your browser, you can save an average of 27% on all your purchases.

Here’s how we do it.

Whenever you’re ready to checkout, our Chrome extension does four things:

Search your Checkmate Account

We start by searching your Checkmate Account for any saved gift cards. You can think of your Checkmate Account like a personalized hub for all things savings-related. Use it to upload all those forgotten gift cards in your account— that way, we can apply them to your next purchase.

Apply hard-to-find online deals

Next up, we scan the depths of the internet to find any relevant deals, and automatically apply them to your cart.

Get you all the member-only discounts

As a Checkmate user, you’re also eligible for our proprietary member-only discounts. If we have a coupon or gift card that makes sense for your purchase, we’ll let you know.

Find the best coupons in your inbox

Last but certainly not least, we check your inbox for any personalized coupons you might have forgotten about. And we do all of this with your privacy as a top priority.

Once you’ve experienced the savings power of the Checkmate shopping extension, you won’t be left asking which discount extension is best. The answer is obvious.

Ready to join the savings revolution?