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Why do you only support Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail?
What is a browser extension?
How do I know if Checkmate is working?
Where Does Checkmate Work?
What internet browser does Checkmate work with?
What online stores does Checkmate support?
Can I use Checkmate on my mobile phone?
What Payment methods do you accept?
What happens if I have another savings extension installed?
How are you able to offer discounts?
How does Checkmate make money?
What is Checkmate Wallet?
Where can I see my stored gift cards?
Can I add previously purchased gift cards to my Wallet?
What happens if I abandon checkout once I’ve already purchased a gift card?
What happens if I want to return a good and have used checkmate to checkout?
Does Checkmate offer refunds for gift cards purchased?
Do my gift cards ever expire?
I haven’t received my gift card yet. What do I do?
I have a business idea and I’d love to partner with Checkmate?

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