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We know we can save you tons of money on all the things you already buy. But we want to make sure that you know it too. So we have conducted two separate studies that both concluded Checkmate saves you almost double as much as the nearest competitor. These are broken down in detail below:

Study One

We conducted a test with the Checkmate extension, two of our hottest competitors, and 20 popular online stores.

Using our Checkmate extension, we were able to save almost twice as much as other free savings extensions like Honey and Rakuten.

Here are all the details:

In July of 2021, Checkmate and two leading competitors were compared in order to test our hypothesis (that we save you the most money). This experiment included Honey, a leader in online coupon deals and Rakuten, a leader in cashback offerings.

Using a direct side-by-side comparison of the savings process between Checkmate and Honey, and stats from Rakuten’s website, here’s what we found:

Honey Savings

To better understand the savings offered by Honey, we selected 21 top online stores and used personalized coupon codes sourced by Honey. To do this, we created a test email account and got ourselves on the mailing lists for all 20 stores*. After letting this account accrue personalized coupons for 30 days, we ran a comparison to see just how much Honey could save us, vs. how much we could save using Checkmate.

Per the results of our study linked below, Honey savings amounted to roughly 15.08%, which comes pretty close to the 17.92% savings that they advertise. From the results of this study, we found that Checkmate saved an average of 27.5%— nearly double the savings offered by Honey.

Rakuten Savings

Rather than comparing Checkmate savings directly to Rakuten (as our offerings are slightly different), we instead pulled data on their average savings. While the company claims you’ll earn up to 40% in savings, the actual amount you earn depends on the cashback offers you redeem. According to a recent review from FinanceBuzz, this turns out to be roughly 2% in cashback at most stores. This means that you’d earn roughly $2 back for a $100 purchase.

Keep in mind that with Rakuten, you can only earn your cashback in $5 increments every three months. With Checkmate, savings happens instantly. And for the cashback fans, don’t worry— we’ll be adding that to our savings repertoire down the road.

Checkmate Savings

Because Checkmate is such a dynamic savings tool that incorporates personalized coupons, your personal gift cards, and proprietary member-only gift cards— it’s no surprise we’re able to save you more than the competition.

On these 20 stores in July 2021 after a month of email collection, Checkmate achieved 27.5% savings on average compared with Honey's savings of 15.08%.

Study Two

In October 2021 we conducted a test with 30 live test users, giving them early access to the Checkmate extension and telling them to shop as they usually do.

Here are the results after 3 weeks of data collection:

Item Count
Users: 30
Coupons Displayed: 231
Purchases: 52
Total Spent Before Checkmate: $10,938
Avg Basket total Before Checkmate: $210
Total Saved: $1719
Average Savings Amount $33

This initial user data further cements our hypothesis that Honey and RetailMeNot and Rakuten cannot provide big savings anymore as there has been a shift to personalization.


Both of the above studies conclude that Checkmate's fresh take on personalized savings saves users almost twice as much as the nearest competition.

Item Count
Rakuten Avg Savings: 2%
Honey Avg Savings: 17.92%
Checkmate Avg Savings: 27.5%

Checkmate saves users almost twice as much as the nearest competition.

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