Case Study on Savings

Checkmate is the first and only savings extension to combine personalized deals from your own inbox, online public coupons and validated discounted gift cards. We ran a test on 20 of the leading stores in the USA we were able to save almost double with Checkmate than any other savings extension. The study and results are broken down in granular detail below.

In July of 2021, Checkmate and two leading competitors were compared in order to test our above hypothesis. Cashback Competitor is the leading competitor in the cashback space and Coupons Competitor is the leading competitor in the coupons space.

Cashback Competitor was not compared directly against, but statistics were taken from their website as to the average monthly savings ($5, mailed out inconveniently as a cheque, which works out to be roughly 2.5% of the average US consumer basket total).

Coupons Competitor was compared directly against, as they operate in the same space and offer a similar product. In order to conduct a fair study, the same top 20 online stores and baskets were used for each test, with a comparison of how much the resulting coupons and gift cards could remove from the basket total. A wide range of stores from a number of industries where chosen so that no partnership bias could be introduced.

In order to prove our email coupons hypothesis, a Checkmate test email account was signed up to the mailing lists for Adidas, Asos, Bath & Body Works, Beyond Yoga, Costco, H&M, Home Chef, JCPenney, LLBean, Loft, Lulus, Newegg, Rayban, REI, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sephora, Shein, Steve Madden, Target, Ulta Beauty and Wayfair.

This inbox was left unmonitored for a month in order to accrue personalized coupons from the mailing list. At the end of the month there were 114 emails in this inbox, many of which contained personalized coupons.

Coupons Competitor makes claims of an average saving amount of 17% on their website. Across our study this figure proved relatively accurate with an average savings of 15.08% across the sites and baskets we tested on.

Checkmate was able to provide an average of 27.5% across these particular baskets, an 82% increase from our nearest competitor (referred to as Competitor 1 in the graph below):

The Results

On these 20 stores in July 2021 after a month of email collection, Checkmate achieved 27.5% savings on average compared with the leading competitor’s savings of 15.08%. Therefore, in the context of this study, Checkmate saved the consumer almost double as much as the nearest competitor.

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