Online shopping is broken.

01From the way we discover products, to checkout, to tracking orders

eCommerce has been booming in the last decade yet the shopping experience hasn’t changed.

02Spending time searching for deals, coupons and ways to save

You constantly scroll for new looks and take notes, screenshots or leave tabs open to go back to shop later. You are looking through emails to find tracking codes to see when your orders are arriving.

The Checkmate Team, 2023.

Team Checkmate. Our team is made up of a group of talented individuals with strong experience in the ecommerce sector, who are dedicated to making the online shopping experience better for everyone. With a passion for technology, design, and making the world a better place, we are always looking for new ways to improve the online shopping experience and make it easier for people to find and save on the products they love.

the checkmate team 2023
Senior leadership includes:
Cody George Technical Lead (Prev Honeywell / Airtasker)
Ashley Volpert Senior Manager, Partnerships (Prev Supergreat)
John Szendiuch Head of Partnerships (Prev Honey / Paypal / Rakuten)
Marie-Louise Brunet Product Lead (Prev Meta, Poshmark)

Letter from our founders.

checkmate founders
Left to right
Rory Garton-Smith (Co-founder)
Harry Dixon (Co-founder)
Elliot Rampono (Co-founder)

We built Checkmate for the optimizers. The digital shopper looking for the right thing. For busy, productive people that don’t want to dig for savings, tracking codes or items they might want to buy later. We built Checkmate for you as you deserve the deals for being a loyal shopper or for trying something new.

We are ruthlessly trying to improve the end-end shopping experience by making it simple and personalized.

We believe online shopping should be enjoyable and not overwhelming. Checkmate helps you where you shop by reducing barriers and making it easy to find and save on the things you love.

Less is so much more

Checkmate is a personalized tool that helps smart shoppers get more savings and enjoyment out of online shopping. From finding the best discount codes and automatically applying them at checkout to tracking packages to storing gift cards to saving items in a wishlist, Checkmate streamlines the entire ecommerce experience.

Social impact

Checkmate is dedicated to reducing the environmental impact that shopping has on the world.

We at Checkmate understand that 10% of annual global carbon emissions are directly attributed to the fashion industry. We don’t want to be a part of the problem; we want to help solve it, which is why we work with vendors like Richer-Poorer, Reformation, and Sézane that take action to lessen their environmental footprint and have similar views on sustainability and social responsibility.

We believe it is all our responsibility to leave our planet greener and healthier than it currently is.

Many of our partners are environmentally conscious because they incorporate the four pillars of sustainability: product development, supply chain management, waste reduction, and charitable partnerships. They include practices to reduce water and reusable or recyclable packaging and create products like recyclable denim and ethically sourced cotton.

If you are a brand that fits that cause, we would love to speak with you and help bring your mission to our community.

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