Checkmate Team: ML's Haircare must-haves

By Checkmate

Updated on 2024-03-15

Here at Checkmate, we're certain on a few things:

#1:  We are the best shopping tool around. You want to save at 40,000 stores, track your packages, and shop the latest trends? Look no further

#2: We offer the best shopping advice, and find the best deals at the stores you care about. I mean hey, we even write a blog about it!

#3: Our product manager, ML, has the best hair we have ever seen. 

See for yourself:

We're green with envy.

We're green with envy.

Gorgeous, right?

Today we sat down with Marie-Louise, and she walked us through her favorite hair care products.  She guaranteed us that, with the right products, you too can have hair that shines 🤩.

The Routine

Shampoo: ML swears by the Living Proof Clarifying Detox Shampoo on hair wash days.

"It clears out build up and thoroughly cleans my hair without it feeling dry afterwards."

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Conditioner: can be tricky across hair types, but ML's found one that she thinks will work for most hair types. Don't be scared by the price of the K18 Protective Conditioner, a little goes a long way! 

"This conditioner is making all my split ends go away (I also have the leave-in stuff, but this is more convenient)."

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Hair Mask: The secret to ML's success both as our product manager, and a haircare expert, is her ability to multi-task. That's why her favorite product in her line-up the amika Soulfood Hair Mask hair mask

"I've started putting this mask on when I'm going to a workout class and braid my hair - it's been awesome for getting a slick look so my hair isn't in my face AND makes me feel like I'm a savvy multitasker."


Leave-in Treatment: At the end of the day, we're busy people over here at Checkmate. If you also don't have time or money to splurge on a multi-step process, may we introduce you to the magic of a leave-in treatment.  Specifically, the Bumble & bumble Leave In Conditioner Primer

"I use this every time I get out of the shower to make brushing easier - and it's also a heat protectant, and it smells so good."


Split-ends Solution: Nothing can change the look of your hair immediately like a smoothing solution. Flyaways and split-ends where? ML says this Shu Uemura hair oil is life changing. 

"This hair oil is the best to keep my ends happy (especially if I'm blowdrying it), reduces frizz, and it's super lightweight compared to other oils I've tried."

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Hairbrush: While somewhat surprising, it turns out that the kind of hair brush you use can make a huge difference on the health of your hair. Boar brushes can run you a pretty penny, so ML recommends this Oribe brush

"A boar brush is amazing at bringing oils from my roots to the tips of my hair, and i think it's done wonders in reducing how often I have to wash my hair. I also think my hair stays healthier longer in between cuts which is a bonus!"

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If you try any of these products let us (and ML!) know by tagging us on Instagram @checkmatesavings!

We're off to fill our carts and save our hair.

Bye for now,

<$ Checkmate Team


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